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About RateGain:

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in India, RateGain Travel Technologies Limited (NSE,BSE: RateGain) is a provider of SaaS solutions and one of the world’s largest processors of electronic transactions and price points for travel and hospitality. It works in more than 100 countries with its 2,200+ customers—including 8 Fortune500 companies, 23 out of top 30 hotel chains, 25 out of top 30 OTAs, all top 10 car rentals, and some of the largest travel management companies, cruise lines, and airlines—to help them accelerate revenue generation.

Our Vision:

To offer an integrated technology platform powered by artificial intelligence enabling our customers to increase their revenue through guest acquisition, retention and wallet share expansion.

What we are looking to hire:

The Customer Experience Director is responsible for overseeing and enhancing the overall customer experience within the organization. This role involves understanding customer needs and preferences, assigning and prioritizing actions to improve their experience, eliminating obstacles, digitizing processes, preempting potential issues, streamlining operations, leveraging data and technology, fostering a culture of learning, redesigning customer touchpoints, and initiating innovative strategies to elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty.



-Conduct comprehensive research and analysis to understand customer behaviors, preferences, and pain points.

-Gather customer feedback through surveys, call connects, and data analysis to gain insights.

Assign and Prioritize:

-Develop strategies and initiatives to address customer experience challenges and opportunities.

-Prioritize actions based on customer impact, business goals, and resource availability.


-Identify and eliminate obstacles and inefficiencies in customer-facing processes.

-Streamline procedures and remove pain points that hinder a seamless customer journey.


-Champion digital transformation efforts to improve efficiency and enhance the online customer experience.

-Integrate digital solutions to facilitate customer interactions and transactions.


-Proactively identify potential issues and develop strategies to prevent customer dissatisfaction.

-Anticipate customer needs and provide solutions before they are requested.


-Optimize customer touchpoints and journeys for a more efficient and coherent experience.

-Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure a unified and consistent customer experience.


-Utilize customer data and analytics to gain actionable insights and inform decision-making.

-Implement technology and tools that enhance the customer experience and personalize interactions.


-Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the organization.

-Stay updated on industry trends, customer expectations, and emerging best practices.


-Redesign customer interactions, processes, and systems to align with customer-centric strategies.

-Introduce innovative solutions and practices to enhance customer satisfaction.


-Initiate and lead customer-focused initiatives and projects.

-Collaborate with various teams to ensure successful implementation of customer experience improvements


.Required Skills and Qualifications:

-8+ years in customer experience with a focus on customer onboarding, retention improvements, customer journey mapping and management, process improvement or strategy where the primary function is to improve, track, measure or influence consumer and/or customer engagement.

-We are looking for someone with strong interpersonal skills, a proven track record of creating alignment across functions and can bring innovative solutions to the table. We need someone who is highly analytical and can operate comfortably in a fast-paced environment.

-Display strong leadership, strong prioritizing, planning, analytical, presentation, people management and interpersonal relationship building skills

-Strong background in consumer and customer research and analytics techniques, customer strategy, process improvement and customer journey design

-Demonstrated understanding of emerging customer experience/interaction channels and technology including customer support technologies, CRM, social media,etc
-Experience recommending and implementing creative solutions to drive increase in NPS, customer satisfaction, retention and online review scores.
-High degree of technical aptitude and multi-tasking capability
-Excellent oral and written communications skills.
-Demonstrated ability to create shared vision, inspire collaboration, and drive change with momentum.


Benefits @RateGain (India)

At RateGain, we care about our employees' well-being and strive to provide a supportive work environment. Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy as part of our team:

Health & Wellness: We offer group medical insurance to ensure that your health needs are taken care of.

Flexibility Redefined: Our flexible working hours and group term insurance provide you with the freedom to manage your work-life balance effectively.

Family Matters: We understand the importance of family. Our maternity and paternity leave policies ensure that you have the time you need to be with your loved ones during significant life events.

Inclusive Coverage: We believe in inclusivity. Our same-sex insurance coverage ensures that everyone receives equal benefits.

Commute with Ease: Say goodbye to commuting hassles with our shuttle service, making your daily commute convenient.

Healthcare Made Easy: Access quality healthcare and doctor consultation with ease through our partnership with Practo, a leading healthcare platform.

RG University: Access to RateGain's Learning Platform, offering tailored learning paths in Sales, Marketing, Tech, and Organizational Development. Programs like RG POLO and RG Sales Velocity combine in-house and expert-led curriculam, allowing easy up-skilling and cross-skilling.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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